Our "baita"


  In a resort called Sicc, in the neighbourhood of Santa Caterina Valfurva, siit is possible to admire Compagnonis "baita", that is a typical mountain timbering of this land.

In summer baita and nature around wear themselves with beautiful colours; during winter nothing more than a baita show the real traditions of high mountain life







These timbering are real works of art made in wood, they are sculptures built with local trees and stones. A sculpture that Compagnonis want to do over again, with the same ancient saviour: body bolsters are squared only with hatchet, and nailed one another with birch dowels.
  The warmth it transfer to you is peerless: you really fell as you stay in your own home and you perceive the senses of familiarity, of living traditions and still lightening...







...in our Baita Fiorita.


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