Santa Caterina Valfurva

Hotel "Baita Fiorita" is situated in S. Caterina Valfurva


S. Caterina Valfurva is situated in a valley basin at an altitude of 1738mts above sea level, at the foot of Ortles-Cevedale mountain group, set in a protected area of Stelvio National Park.


Santa Caterina Valfurva was already known in the 19th century as a spa bath location, thanks to its ferruginous water springs, and soon after the World War One became one of the most well-known alpine resort.











All the time Santa Caterina is the ideal start for easy pleasant walks through fields and woods along well marked paths, excursions to the alpine refuges or more demanding climbs to the Ortles-Cevedale peaks with Alpine guide.



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