Stelvio National Park

The Hotel Baita Fiorita is placed in the real heart of Stelvio National Park






Stelvio National Park spread out in a 134.620 hectares area in the middle of Central Alps and include the whole massif of the Ortles-Cevedale.


Many species of animals find in the Park the ideal habitat for them:  great ungulates (like deer, roe deer, chamois and rock-goat) foxes, marmots, ermines, caper-caillie and majestic flies eagles.

Stelvio National park distinguishes itself for the presence of many villages and of typical "baite", strewn all over the mountains.








The ways in valley bottom and a good road network allow you to reach all the suggestive resorts without dangers.  



Beautiful panoramas, uncontaminated nature, protected  flora and fauna: might you need anything else for a relaxing stay?




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